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    Provides selected needs solutions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
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    Participate in several business interests of the market sectors
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    An expert team to meet all the needs of its customers

Message from the Chairman

From the moment of the founding ESTABLISHMENT an initial launch of our products and we are constantly striving to take positive steps to provide selected new products to meet all the needs of our customers, so I would like to thank everyone who was his active role in contributing to the achievement of this success and confirm that we are continuing to implement what we promised him that we remain committed to providing the best what we have.


Competitive advantage

A working group composed from selected households of the best workers and administrators to offer their best to their customers and seeking their satisfaction with the talented and competent working team to follow up the customer step by step and answer all their questions and meet all their demands.

who are we ?

We are Saudi company based in Riyadh, was established in 1996 and its business is based on providing the best products in addition to maintenance and technical support services.



To be the best in providing products and services exceed the expectations of our customers to enhance their confidence in us.



Get on our customers satisfaction the existence of some of the most qualified male and female employees to provide excellent services.



To be the best in the design of smart phone applications and provide the highest quality services and the best.



To be hand in hand with the consumer to be protected from commercial fraud operations thanks to sophisticated smartphones our applications.

Our Products

Good reputation and we follow the standards of quality and perfection is the secret of our success and our customers' trust us.

Our partners

Genuine Service

It is the first and the only one that provides absolute protection of trade marks and service of consumer fraud and damage to commercial application tradition.

Article 3


Provide the best products and solutions easier to achieve the wishes and requirements of our customers and the drawing board of creativity, innovation and force us in the eyes of our customers

What we offer

Good reputation and we follow the standards of quality and perfection is the secret of our success and our customers' trust us.

  • The exclusive agent

    The exclusive agent for a number of products in all Arab countries.

  • After-sales service

    The aim of this service is to stay in touch with our customers and provide the best advice and answer their questions.

  • Warranty & Maintenance

    Since we are the exclusive agent to ensure we guarantee our products and offer a maintenance service.

  • Delivery Service

    because the convenience of our customers is our goal so Gan free delivery service to all parts of the Kingdom and neighboring Arab countries.

  • Software and design applications

    The aim of this service is to meet the needs and requirements of customers of different applications that help to facilitate and to facilitate their work in all their diversity while continuing to provide support and advice for them.

  • Team

    Depends Nokhbat Elsabaek Trading Est at a distinct working group in order to provide the best services to our customers and answer all their queries.

Contact Us!


Riyadh - Fog Street

  • +966114035222
  • 920010135
  • www.natest.sa
  • ceo.natest.sa